Hawkesbury Afloat

Suggested 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Depart the Marina and head out

  • Travel to Refuge Bay and hook up to a mooring for the afternoon/night. Travel time is about 1.5 hours. Our moorings are at Refuge Bay and America Bay, locate on the map.
  • On the way you will pass under the Rail Bridge, Dangar Island is on your left; Hawkesbury River Marina, the Public Jetty and McKell Park are on your right. You will pass 4 blue or yellow moorings here.
  • Do NOT attempt to access Hawkesbury River Marina. You may only anchor north of the first nav. marker and East of the Oyster Lease entering the channel to Hawkesbury River Marina. Do not anchor in this channel. The four blue or yellow swing moorings located here may only be used for short periods to access the Marina stores. You will have to use the dinghy with a motor or water taxi service. Do NOT take the Houseboat to the Public Jetty.
  • You will then pass Parsley Bay and Porto Bay on your right. Stay away from these areas as it is very shallow and very tricky to manoeuvre around the moored vessels, particularly with even a slight breeze.
  • If time allows then Gunya Beach is a pleasant stop over but the anchor will be needed. This area is very vulnerable in strong winds, particularly from the North.
  • Do NOT pass the line between Juno Point and Little Pittwater (refer to the map). The waters here can be quite rough so be sure that all is secure, the front door is shut and you give way to yachts.
  • Enjoy the waterfall and beach at Refuge Bay & our own moorings – refer to the map.
  • Be sure to have the anchor light on at night and count the many stars as you can - you may find a falling star, so make a wish.
Day 1 - Depart the Marina and head out

Day 2 - Exploring or just Relaxing

  • Get up early have a brief swim, watch those sharks though, and enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast over the BBQ.
  • You have a few options where to spend the rest of the day and the last night:
Option 1
  • Head now towards Yeomans Bay. You might try the moorings at Cottage Rock, just around the corner from Refuge Bay. Its beach magically appears at low tide but disappears again as the tide rises. It has a spring water waterfall here. A great place for cricket games or mucking around with the kids. Do not pass the last mooring at Yeomans Bay as it becomes dangerously shallow. This is about 40 minutes away from Refuge Bay. 
  • At low tide take the dinghy onto the mud flats and hike to the end of the Bay. At high tide you could row there and try fishing near the mangroves. There are Aboriginal carvings at the end of the bay.
Option 2
  • If Yeomans Bay is full then  try Little Jerusalem Bay.
    Relax and try a line over the side or read a book. 
Option 3
  • Smiths Creek (has a few bays & moorings), It’s past Cottage Point - avoid anchoring and ALL moorings at Cottage Point, it is too deep. 
  • Fishing is quite good in Smiths Creek.
  • Stay up late and enjoy the serenity and try catching a Flathead, Bream or even a Hairtail in Winter. “How’s the serenity!”
Option 4
  • Try Waratah Bay, not as picturesque or tranquil but still very enjoyable.
Day 2 - Exploring or just Relaxing

Day 3 - Enjoy the Morning and Return

  • The Hawkesbury River is truly a hidden paradise - marvel at the way the rocks cradle the roots of the gum trees and how the sea hawks dive from great heights to catch their quarry.
  • Lunch will either be the sweet taste of fresh caught fish or the remaining steaks you have in the fridge.
  • It’s time to tidy up and head on back.
  • Please use this time to clean the boat up. The minimum charge is $35 you will be charged extra if the boat is left in an unsatisfactory condition and if the dishes have NOT been washed and put away.
  • Call us once you pass under the Railway Bridge and we will meet you just short of the Road Bridges.
  • Please be patient and avoid drifting towards dangerous areas.
  • When we are on board bringing you in please have the music turned off and ensure the kids are inside don’t allow them  to get in the way. 
Day 3 - Enjoy the Morning and Return

On Your Return

  • On your return, drive the car down to load up.
  • Check that nothing has been left behind.
  • We request that you take the garbage to our bins at the top of the drive.
  • Please let us know if there has been any damage or accidents during your holiday & complete the Accident Report enclosed if required.
  • Once you have packed the car and you’re ready come to the office to finalise the Additional Charges, bond,.
  • A quick visual check of the Freeway from the Marina will determine whether you need to take the Pacific Highway home, as slow traffic will be evident. 
  • We hope to see you in the future.
  • PLEASE  give us positive feedback via Google  and  Social Media.


These will vary as dependent on tides and winds 

Marina to Refuge Bay = 1.5 hrs Marina to Spencer = 2.5  hrs
Marina to Berowra Waters = 2hrs Bridge to Bridge = 15min
Refuge Bay to Cottage Point = 1hr Marina to Wisemans Ferry = 8hrs
Smiths Creek to Marina = 2.5 hrs Refuge Bay to Pinta Bay = 40min
Refuge Bay to Yeomans Bay = 30 min Cottage Point to Waratah Bay = 30 min